Experience using Copper Coil (IUD)

The first thing that resembles in my mind when I heard IUD many thoughts comes in my minds. How can this help me? What’s the procedure in putting it? If the procedure is painful and, if yes, how long would it last? We can never hide the fact that once in our life we experience or maybe currently experiencing that we urged for bed scene, for a partner that will put you in vain. But since we are currently experiencing a global crisis, IUD is the best option to avoid pregnancy. Choices are available in selecting your preferred IUD Paragard, Mirena, Kyleena, Liletta or Skyla. The Copper Coil is preferable than pills, rings, or condoms as contraceptives because of its convenience, and you’ll not worry about missing taking it or even worry if you used it correctly. Aside from preventing pregnancy, one of the benefits of copper coil is it lessen cramps, moods swing, makes your menstruation lighter and prevent anemia. Upon the insertion of the Copper Coil, enjoy the 99% effective anti-pregnancy as long as 12 years. Let’s now chitchat about others experience so we can have an idea of how it feels like.

Upon the process before the insertion a doctor or nurse will give you a briefing about the process itself and the feeling of discomfort upon the insertion of the speculum, measuring device and the Copper Coil. But the use of “discomfort” to describe the pain that you might experience during the process is nit quit applicable to use. Is it a feeling of discomfort when you’re wearing damage shoes in your getaway or a discomfort about pain. In the statement of Nicki, Amy, Clara, and Jenny we’ll get to know the reality.

Nicki gets the worst states when it comes to their experience during the insertion of the Copper Coil because it happens that the copper coil was inserted in a wrong way that wound her cervical coil and causes 5 months continuous agony of cramps. Since she was determined to use IUD, her first experience did not turn her down to try another unwanted experience upon the insertion. After she got a scan and found out that the copper coil was misplaced, she experiences terrifying pain in removing the Copper Coil that almost knocks her out. She also says that the pain during the insertion was worse than the removal. After a year she decided to try the process in other Gynaecological Department again, she did not experience any pain in the insertion because of the anesthetic. She also said that she was five years of being happy and comfortable with what’s inside her uterus.

While Amy has better and light experience during the insertion but she experienced cramps after. She said that she was now enjoying the benefits that the Copper Coil is giving her.

In the case Clara and Jenny, they all experienced a harrowing experience during insertion, unlike Nicki and Amy. They said that they almost kick the nurse and the doctor assessing them. The pain that they experience was the most afoul one and gave them an awkward position for almost twenty minutes. The first experience the pain during the insertion of the speculum that made them shouts in pain. In the case of Clara, she forgot to take the pain-killer, and she had no choice but to suffer the pain, she just took a deep breath to at least lessen the pain that she was into. After the insertion, they all experience cramps and bleeding that alarm them in the first place. In the case of Jenny, she experiences heavy bleeding that lasts for almost a weak that made her paint, and the doctor explains that it was because of the six days menstruation that she had before she had the IUD. All of them recommend taking somebody with you if you’re going to try the IUD, that if ever that you fainted along the way home you know that somebody would take you back to the hospital.

According to the doctors and nurses, the pain you will experience is dependent on the level of pain tolerance that you have. The higher the level of tolerance the painful it would be. If you’re worrying that the pain and cramps after the procedure will last as-long-as the copper coil is in you, well you don’t need to worry about it. Nicki, Amy, Clara, and Jenny confirm that after one week or two weeks you’ll feel like there’s no cooper line inside you, it’s just Nicki did not get the luck of her first try.

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