Pregnancy or having a baby is one thing that everyone considers at some point of time, irrespective of whether they are single or married. Having a baby or getting pregnant does not come so easy as there is a lot of planning that goes into it. Several factors should be included in your decision to get pregnant, of which timing is one of them. You can also make out time to see a gynaecologist for more information and tips.

6 months advance planning

If you have taken the decision to get pregnant, either as a single person or with your partner, you should start…

If you have tried several attempts to get pregnant but have not been successful, consult your local private gynaecologist for medical help. You should also try out these few tips to help boost fertility.

Chart your basal body temperature

You can check your ovulating period by tracking your basal body temperature (BBT). Your BBT is your lowest body temperature when you are at rest. The reading fluctuates throughout your cycle, and it usually increases by 0.4–1.0 degrees the day after your ovulation. It will remain elevated until your next period.

To ensure that this method is effective, check and chart…

Why Women are Failing to Avoid Cervical Cancer

Why are not women taking the vaccine that can help to prevent cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV)? Well, it is considered to be a safe and an available vaccine and can actually help to fight against these diseases. You need to talk to the doctor at the Gynaecology Clinic and know more about the vaccine. This will enable you to understand the importance of HPV vaccine and take it when actually needed.

HPV vaccine and cancer

Before we may discuss about the blame, let us know about the facts:

  • The two major things caused by HPVs are cervical dysplasia and…

The first thing that resembles in my mind when I heard IUD many thoughts comes in my minds. How can this help me? What’s the procedure in putting it? If the procedure is painful and, if yes, how long would it last? We can never hide the fact that once in our life we experience or maybe currently experiencing that we urged for bed scene, for a partner that will put you in vain. But since we are currently experiencing a global crisis, IUD is the best option to avoid pregnancy. Choices are available in selecting your preferred IUD Paragard…

Tell me how you felt when you got your pregnancy report positive. It’s the most thrilling experience one can ever have. The responsibility comes after you conceive your baby. In order to deliver a healthy child, you need to take a lot of care.

Let’s explore certain things which you should and shouldn’t need to do:

What you can do!

● Make sure you have a proper medical care.

● Exercise is really important. …

Have you set up your mind to become the new joinee in the contraceptive club? If so, then before starting your new journey along with IUD, you have to choose either copper (IUD) or hormonal (IUS). You may consult with your gynaecologist too to gain important information regarding this birth control type before making your final decision.

1. Insertion of Copper IUD can be uncomfortable and painful

During the insertion procedure of IUD, at first, a speculum will be inserted to your vagina to clear the cervix. It is performed with the help of the applicator tube that enters your…

Menopause affects different women from all specs of life in time, and although it is not a disease, it can have a significant effect or impact on most women’s quality of life. It is quite essential to understand the nutritional value or condition that can support menopause. However, we have been able to gather some reliable information to help you understand which nutrients are best in supporting menopause as well as those that need to be avoided.

What type of nutrients support menopause and why?

· Essential fatty acids

Essential fats are important to our health, especially for women in…

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Mr Hikmat Naoum specialists in the management of abnormal bleeding and pelvic pains, premenstrual syndrome, menorrhagia (heavy menstrual periods), endometriosis

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